Assignment Grades

Submitted assignments are not graded automatically.  Your instructor needs to grade each assignment.  You can review the information provided by your instructor in My Grades or on the assignment’s Review Submission History page.  To learn more about what information you can access, see My Grades.

Review a Graded Assignment Submission Inline

You can view your grade and any annotations your instructor made to your assignment submission directly from the assignment attempt without downloading the file.

If you do not see an inline viewer, your instructor has likely not turned it on.


Inline Viewing Supported Formats

Submitted files open within the grading screen.  Supported document types that are viewable in the grading screen are Word (DOC, DOCX), PowerPoint (PPT, PPTX), Excel (XLS, XLSX), and PDF.  Original formatting and embedded images are preserved.

The viewer is supported on current versions of Internet ExplorerSafariFirefoxChrome.  No plug-in or other application is necessary.

If you uploaded a file that is not in a format supported by the inline viewer, then you do not see the viewer.

Check Assignment Grades Video (0:41)

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  1. How do I download graded assignment with comments/markups. So far I have been able to download but do not see the added comments. I’ve tried bith the .pdf and the .docx options

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