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Your instructor may use the assignment tool in Blackboard to collect your work in the form of files, text, or both. An Assignment has a point value assigned to it and may include a description of the assignment and instructions for submitting it.

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How to Submit an Assignment

  • On the course menu (A), select the content area that contains the assignment. For example, your instructor might create a Content Area called Assignments. Menu text of Assignments content area
  • Click the name of the assignment (B), Lab One Report in our example. Image of Lab Ome Report text and icon
  • On the Upload Assignment page, review the instructions (C), due date (D), points possible (E), and rubric (F) if included, and download any files (G) provided by your instructor.
  • Complete the assignment by attaching a separate file. To do this, click Browse My Computer (H) or Browse Content Collection (I) and select a file to attach. Use only letters, numbers, dashes, periods and underscore characters in your file name. Or click Write Submission (J) to respond to the assignment in Blackboard’s web editor.
  • If you have selected the wrong file, you can remove it by clicking Do not attach (K).
  • If your instructor is using SafeAssign to check for plagiarism, you’ll be asked to agree to submit your paper to their database (L).
  • Optionally, type comments to your instructor in the Comments box (M).
  • Click Submit (N) and receive the following confirmation message in the green banner: “This assignment is complete. Review the Submission History.”

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How to Check Assignment Grades

You can view the assignment grade, instructor feedback, and Originality Report if SafeAssign was used.

  • On the course menu (A), select the content area that contains the assignment. Menu text of Assignments content area
  • Once your instructor has graded your assignment, click the name of the assignment (B), Lab One Report in our example.
  • The final grade for your assignment (C) appears at the top right of the screen.
  • Grades of other attempts (D), if taken, appear to the right of the last graded attempt.
  • If your instructor used a rubric, click on the rubric icon (E) to view the rubric score and feedback.
  • You can view the Originality Report (F) if your instructor enabled SafeAssign plagiarism check.
  • Your instructor’s comments (G) are in the bottom right.
  • And your instructor’s electronic notes are on the screen (H) and summarized to the right (I).
  • Click OK (I) to exist the view or Start New (J) to submit another assignment.

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Understand SafeAssign Originality Reports

SafeAssign can help detect plagiarism and creates opportunities to help students properly attribute sources. If your instructor added the SafeAssign option to your assignment, you can view the Originality report, depicted in (F) in the image above.

  • The overall SafeAssign score (C) indicates the probability that the submitted paper contains matches to existing sources.
  • The Citations (D) section shows the sources that match to text in the assignment.
  • Click on a citation icon (E) to see the source and probability of a match for each citation and its corresponding text in the assignment.

SafeAssign will cite matches whether they are properly attributed or not, so students and instructors must use judgement beyond the SafeAssign score.

Blackboard publishes additional information on SafeAssign, including an explanation of the Originality Report.
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  1. I cannot find the button of start new!

    I submit without uploading my file, the attempt page is vacuum. How can I upload my assignment again?

    • Hanwen,

      You need to contact your instructor and have them “clear the attempt” for this assignment for you so you can submit a second time with the attached file. If they have questions about how to do this, they can contact the Educational Technology Center at 412-648-2832.



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