Using the Collaborate Tools




Blackboard Collaborate incorporates many features and tools that can be used by the student in two easy to access menus: the Sessions Menu and the Collaborate Panel.

The mini menu at the bottom of the screen includes quick controls for audio, video, and raising your hand. Tools located at the top of the screen are participant controls to draw/write on whiteboards and/or files that are shared by the instructor.

Collaborate menus

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Session Menu

The Session Menu includes links to using a phone for audio, helping you navigate through Collaborate through the “Tell me about Collaborate” link, and leaving your session.

Click on the Session Menu toggle button ( Sessions Menu toggle button ) at anytime to open the Session menu.

The Session Menu and all its options


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Collaborate Panel

The Collaborate Panel allows you to control your settings, share content, view the attendees list, and view the chat box. Collaborate Panel and its buttons

Audio and Video Setup

Before each session, be sure to check your audio and video settings.

  1. To set up your camera and microphone, select the My Settings icon (My Settings icon ) in the Collaborate Panel.
  2. Under Audio and Video Settings, choose Set up your camera and microphone.Audio and Video Setup and testing
  3. Follow the two step process to setup your audio and video.

Audio test  Video test

  • When you complete the setup, Collaborate will alert you that your microphone and camera are ready but still turned off (the off being noted by a slash ( / ) through the microphone and video icons as shown on the following image).
  • When you are ready to turn your microphone and video on, use the Mini Menu controls to click on the microphone or video to turn on. Mini Control Menu


Attendees List

The Attendees List allows you to see who is participating in your session. The Attendees list is located in the Collaborate Panel by clicking the Attendees List icon (Attendees List icon).

Attendees can raise their hands () at anytime during the session to get the instructor’s attention.

Attendees Panel



The chat tool allows you to communicate with your fellow students and instructor via text. The chat tool is located in the Collaborate Panel by clicking Chat icon.

Chat functions

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Notice of Recorded Sessions

Please note that your instructor may record your Collaborate sessions. Your instructor will announce they are recording at the beginning of each session and a notice will appear from Collaborate announcing that your instructor has started recording the session. In addition, a video icon with a red dot will appear in the top left corner of the Collaborate work space indicating the session is being recorded.Indications that session is being recorded



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Leaving a Collaborate Session

To leave the Collaborate session, click Leave Session located in the Session menu or simply close your Collaborate Session tab in your browser window.

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