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Using Turnitin PeerMark via Blackboard


About Turnitin PeerMark

PeerMark assignments allow you to read, review, and score or evaluate one or many papers submitted by your peers. Peer feedback is available immediately.The PeerMark assignment may be anonymous or attributed, depending on the classroom structure determined by the instructor. Your instructor must enable the PeerMark process–it is not available on every Turnitin assignment. If your instructor has indicated that there is a peer review component as part of your Turnitin assignment, you are in the right place. If you are just trying to submit a paper to Turnitin, see Submitting an Assignment to Turnitin Through Blackboard [7].

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The Stages of the PeerMark Review Process

The basic stages of the PeerMark peer review process are:

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Launch Turnitin PeerMark Review

The Turnitin PeerMark icon icon is located in the Tools section of the Turnitin Direct Assignment Submissions Inbox (the page you land on when you enter a Turnitin assignment in Blackboard).

Image of the Turnitin Submission Inbox Toolbar

Clicking this icon will open the PeerMark Review window as a pop-up. In this window you can view the relevant dates for the PeerMark Review assignment (which will differ from the dates of the original assignment that you submitted your own paper to).

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Begin a PeerMark Review

You may begin a PeerMark Review any time after the Start Date of the PeerMark assignment (this will always be after the original Turnitin paper submission due date). To begin a PeerMark review, click the PeerMark icon icon in the Tools section of the Turnitin Direct Assignment Submission Inbox.

In the window the pops up click on the tab that says Write Reviews and select Start a review.

Turnitin PeerMark Review window with Write Reviews highlighted

A new browser window will appear with the paper that you have been assigned to review. (It is up to the instructor whether or not these assignments are randomly given or not, and whether or not you can view the name of the peer whose paper you are reviewing.)

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Complete your PeerMark Review

In the window containing the paper you are to review, there are several tools to help you complete this task.

Screen shot of the PeerMark review screen

  1. Your instructor has likely provided some questions that you need to answer when reviewing the paper. These questions will appear on the right-hand side of the screen in a light blue area.These questions may be scale-point or short answer.
  2.  If a short answer question has a minimum word count and your answer does not meet this count, you will receive an alert prior to submitting. Your review will show as incomplete if you do not meet the word count requirement prior to submitting your review.
  3. You can also add a comment directly on to the paper you are reviewing by clicking where you would like the comment to appear. A comment box will appear for you to type in. When you have finished your comment, click Save in the comment box.
  4. If you would like to save your work before you are finished and come back to it later, click the Save button.
  5. If you are finished with your review, click the Submit button.

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View Your Reviews and Your Score

You may read the reviews left on your paper after the Feedback Release Date.

  1. Click on the PeerMark icon icon in the Tools section of the Turnitin Direct Assignment Submission Inbox.
  2. Click on the green checkmark button on the top left of the PeerMark Review window.
    Screens hot of the peermark review window
  3. Your paper will open in a new window, with the reviewer’s comments displaying in a light blue frame on the right-hand part of the screen.

Your instructor may also score the quality of the review you left for your peer (how this score is handled in relation to your total assignment grade is up to your instructor).

  1. To view this score, click on the PeerMark icon icon in the Tools section of the Turnitin Direct Assignment Submission Inbox.
  2. At the bottom of the PeerMark review window, you will see information related to the review(s) you wrote for peers. The score your instructor has given you for your review(s) appears here.
    Screenshot of the PeerMark review window

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