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Instructors can create groups of students within their courses. Groups usually consist of a smaller number of students in a course, such as study groups or project groups.

Discussion Board

The discussion board is a tool for sharing thoughts and ideas about class materials. Course members can replicate the robust discussions that take place in the traditional classroom.


Email lets you send messages from your course to course members’ external email accounts without having to launch your external email program, such as Outlook, Gmail or Yahoo. You can send emails to individual users or to groups of users.


A wiki is a collaborative tool that allows you to contribute and modify one or more pages of course related materials.  A wiki provides an area where users can collaborate on content.  Users within a course can create and edit wiki pages that pertain to the course or a course group.  Instructors and students can offer comments, and your instructor can grade individual work.


Announcements is the default entry point into Blackboard courses and provides a easy way for instructors to communicate information to students.


A blog is your personal online journal that can include of text, images, links, multimedia, and attachments and can be shared with your classmates and instructors.

Course Content Areas

A content area in Blackboard is a folder that can contain readings, assignments, and links. It is the primary way instructors organize their course content.