What is the Student Knowledge Base?

The Student Knowledge Base is a repository of help documentation and tutorials on how to use the educational technology at the University of Pittsburgh, including BlackBoard learning management system and Panopto video streaming service. Items in the Student Knowledge Base are organized into broader categories and more distinct tags, as well as a difficulty level, all of which can be accessed on the right-hand navigation pane to filter your view of available topics. You can click through some frequently asked BlackBoard questions by selecting on CourseWeb FAQs at the top of the page, or simply search for any keywords pertaining to your area of interest in the search field above.

To learn more about the Student Knowledge Base, see our video on How To Use the Student Knowledge Base.

I cannot find my course in my Blackboard course list. What do I do?

Your instructor in this course is in charge of adding users to the course as well as making it available. Contact your instructor or TA and let them know that you cannot see their course. If your instructor is unable to add you or make the course available, that instructor should contact the Technology Help Desk at 412-624-4357.

My instructor has posted my grades in Blackboard, but I cannot find them. Where do I go?

There is a Tools module located on the top-left side of the My CourseWeb page that contains a My Grades link to the grades for all of a student’s courses. There is also a similar My Grades link in the Course Menu of each course that will display your grades for that particular course. Also, if you submitted an Assignment, Test or Survey, and the link is still available to you, you can also click on the original link to review your previous attempts.

For an in-depth illustration of these features, see the knowledge base entry on Viewing Grades.


How do I submit an online assignment?

To submit an online assignment, you will need to locate the Assignment link in your Blackboard course.  After clicking this link, you should be able to browse your computer for the document or assignment file you wish to upload. Once you have attached your assignment, click Submit to upload your assignment.

Create Webcast Form

For a more in-depth look at this process, please consult the Knowledge Base entry on Assignments.

If you are having trouble locating the assignment, consult with your instructor.

How do I take an online test?

There should be a link to your test in one of the content areas in the left hand menu bar, possibly in a content area titled Tests or Exams. If you are having trouble locating the test, consult with your instructor.


Once you click on the test, you will be presented with the rules and instructions regarding that test, such as possible time limits, the types of question you might receive, and so on. Once you have read through these question, click Begin. Depending on how the instructor has set up the test, you will either be presented with all questions on one page, or be able to Save your answers to proceed onto another page (you may or may not be able to backtrack). Once you have completed the test, click Submit.

For a more in-depth look at tests in Blackboard, please see the Knowledge Base entry for Tests.

How do I view or make a post in the discussion board / blog / journal / wiki?

Your instructor should have created a link in the left-hand menu bar of your Blackboard course titled “Discussion Board,” “Blog,” “Journal,” “Wiki,” or something along those lines. There may also be such a link within one of the content areas of the course, such as in Course Documents. Please consult with your instructor to learn the specific nature of the linked tool.

For a more in depth look at these communication tools, see the Knowledge Base entries for the Discussion Board, Blogs, Journals or Wikis.

If you are having trouble locating the link to your discussion board, blog, journal or wiki, consult with your instructor.

How do I work with a group in Blackboard?

1. If your instructor has enrolled you into a group, you should see an item at the bottom of your left hand menu bar titled My Groups. Click here to view your group tools.


2. If your instructor has instructed you to enroll yourself in a group, there should be a Groups area either in the left hand menu bar, or a Groups link in one of the content areas such as Course Documents (it may be called something else besides “Groups” – consult your instructor for the exact name and location of the link). There should be a list of groups to sign up for. Click the Sign Up button to enroll yourself into that group.  If you are having trouble locating the Groups area, consult with your instructor.

For a more in-depth look at this process, please consult the Knowledge Base entry on Groups.

I see courses in my course list that I am not enrolled in or have dropped. How do I get rid of them?

At the top right corner of your My Courses area, there is a gear-shaped icon. Mousing over this icon will say “Manage My Courses Module Settings” when you mouse over it.


The next area will say Edit Course List. This will contain a list of all courses that you are enrolled in. To hide a course from this list, simple un-check the corresponding box for that course under the Course Name column. Click Submit to save your selection.

For an in-depth illustration of these features, see the Knowledge Base entry on Hiding Courses.

If you see a course you are not enrolled in, contact the course instructor to have your enrollment removed from it



How can I access Blackboard over my smart phone?

The Blackboard Mobile Learn application gives students and faculty access to their courses, content, and organizations on a variety of mobile devices including Android™, BlackBerry® and iPhone OS.

Extend your existing Blackboard Learn™ implementation in an engaging and intuitive way. Students and instructors can access documents in multiple formats, read announcements, create discussion threads, upload media, create content items within the course map, comment on blogs and more—all on the mobile devices they love.

To learn more, visit Blackboard Mobile.

Not finding what you’re looking for?

The FAQs page only lists the most common issues that the Student Knowledge Base is equipped to handle. If you can’t find something in the FAQs page, try typing your issue into the Search Bar a the top of the page. Be sure to try a number of different search terminology in order to widen the array of your scope.

If searching the Student Knowledge Base does not provide you with what you’re looking for, please see our Other Resources page.