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Accessing Lynda.com

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Lynda.com LogoLynda.com [7] is an educational online library that offers thousands of video courses and tutorials in software, video, photography, business, and academic skills, including courses on building your resume, applying for jobs, and acing job interviews.

Lynda.com is free to University of Pittsburgh students.  This post will show you how to access Lynda.com so that you can begin using its resources.

Accessing Lynda.com

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Gaining Access via Lynda.com

You can access Lynda.com from any browser (Internet Explorer [8]Safari [9]Firefox [10]Chrome [11], etc.)

  1. Access Lynda.com [12].
  2. Click Sign In in the top right hand corner of the page.
  3. Choose Sign in with your organization portal.
    sign in to lynda.com
  4. Enter pitt.edu where it says Enter your organization’s URL to log in through their portal and then select Continue.
  5. On the Pitt Passport webpage, enter your Pitt username and password and click Submit.
Gaining Access from the Pitt Portal
  1. Go to MyPitt.edu [13].
  2. Enter your Pitt username and password and click Submit.
  3. On the right-hand side of the screen, scroll down until you find Lynda.com.
    Lynda.com access from the Pitt Portal
  4. Click on the Lynda.com link.
Accessing Lynda.com Through the Lynda.com Mobile App

The Lynda.com mobile app [14] is available for iOS [15]Android [16]Amazon [17], and Windows 8 [18] devices.

NOTE:  You do not need the Lynda.com app to access its resources on your mobile device.  See Gaining Access via Lynda.com [3].

  1. The first time you open the Lynda.com mobile app, you will be prompted to either create an account or log in. Choose the option to log in to an existing account.
  2. Touch the  Organization tab.
  3. In the textbox in the Web Portal area type “pitt.edu” and touch Log in.
    log into the lynda.com mobile app
  4. On the Pitt Passport webpage, enter your Pitt username and password and touch Login.
Using Lynda.com

This is a brief introduction on how to view and search for items on Lynda.com.

Log into Lynda.com through your browser [3], MyPitt.edu [4], CourseWeb [19], Blackboard Mobile App [20], or Lynda.com Mobile App [5].

The lynda.com user interface

  1. Use the search bar to find videos from Lynda.com.
  2. View the entire Lynda.com course library
  3. These are active courses that you are currently viewing.
  4. Manage your user account and view your course history