Panopto Mobile App



Panopto-LogoPanopto is available for iOS and Android mobile devices, however the apps behave slightly differently, and offer differing functionalities.  While the Android version of the app is only capable of viewing media, the iOS version is capable of recording new media and uploading existing media on the device to your Panopto folders.

The following images will illustrate the functionality of an iOS device, however the first parts involving signing into the application server will behave similarly in Android devices.

Downloading and Signing into the Panopto Mobile App

The Panopto application is available for you to download for iOS or Android.  If you have trouble locating the application in your device’s app center, you can contact the Technology Help Desk.

Once you’ve downloaded the application, open the app to view the main page, which should look something like this:

IMG_1678 unnamed

To log in, tap the three horizontal lines in the top left corner for iOS and tap Sign in (below), or simply tap the Sign In... button for Android.


If this is your first time setting up this application, you will be prompted to enter a Panopto site.


The site name for the University of Pittsburgh is PITT.HOSTED.PANOPTO.COM.


Once you’ve entered the site name, you should be directed to sign in using Pitt-CourseWeb.  Tap Sign in to proceed.


You should be directed to a page that resembles the Blackboard CourseWeb log in screen.  Enter your University of Pitt credentials to continue.


Once you’ve signed in, you can browse for any session you wish to view by folder, or view media by date updated.

Recording and Uploading Media

The following can only be completed using an iOS device.  As of this time, Android has not yet released a version of the app that allows for recording or uploading of media.

To begin, select the three horizontal lines in the upper left-hand corner:


If you are prompted to sign in, do so by using the directions in the first section of this tutorial.  If you are signed in, you should see an option at the bottom of this menu that allows you to Record & Upload.


Tap Record & Upload to add your media to Panopto.  You should be directed to a page that lists all the folders you have access to.  If your instructor has directed you to upload video this way and you do not see a folder associated with this course, please contact your instructor and inform them.  The instructor may feel free to contact the Educational Technology Center (Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 5:00pm) at 412-648-2832 and speak with a consultant or email them at with comments or questions.


Select your desired course from the list, or click Browse to look through more folders.  Once you do, you will be taken to the following screen.


If you have a video already recorded on your iOS device, you may select Choose a video to search your device albums for your video.  If you wish to make a new recording at this time, select Start Recording to launch your camera application.


Begin recording your video.  Once you’ve selected Stop, you may retake the video or upload it by selecting Use Video.


You should be prompted to name your video.  Type in the desired title of your video, and tap Upload.


Your video should begin uploading to the folder you initially selected.  This folder may not be visible in Blackboard CourseWeb, but you should be able to access it from your computer by logging into your My Pitt Video page.