Panopto Workflows for Students



How to View a Video Recorded with or Hosted by Panopto

There are a few ways that your instructor might provide way to view Panopto videos inside your course.

  1. Panopto video link inside a content area: You may find a link to a video, accompanied by the green Panopto icon, alongside all the rest of the course content. Click on the name of the video to view it.
    image of Panopto video link
  2. Web link to video: Instructors may also include a link to a Panopto video in the same way that they would include a link to any web content in their course. In this case, the video will appear with the regular web link icon, and you may click on the name to view it.
    image of web link to Panopto video
  3. Embedded video: You may also find Panopto videos embedded directly within your course content. Click the play button at the center to view the video.
  4. Panopto Tool Link in the Course Menu: In some cases, instructors may opt to share a link to the entire Panopto video tool within Blackboard, which will display all of the available videos for the course in one area. This link is typically found in the Course Menu on the lefthand side of your screen, and given a name of the instructor’s choosing (often “Panopto” or “Videos”).Clicking on this link will take you to an area where you can browse all available video content and select the video you would like to view. This is also the area in which students can access the video drop-box for uploading videos of their own.
    video of Panopto link in course menu

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Using the Panopto Video Player

Panopto videos typically launch in a new browser tab. The Panopto player offers several options that can enhance your viewing experience, outlined below.

Panopto video player


  1. The video itself.
  2. Notes you can take in the video, synchronized to what you are watching when you type them.  They are private to you by default.  You can make them public.  Click on the word Notes to access the notes field and other Notes features, including online help.
  3. Bookmarks are links to points on the video timeline that you can create and use to navigate directly to specific times in the recording.
  4. Discussion allows users to type note and comments that can be seen by all other users.
  5. Play/Pause button.
  6. Go back ten seconds.
  7. Navigation slider, useful for skipping ahead or backing up to replay parts of a video.
  8. Volume adjustment.
  9. Playback speed and picture quality (useful when using low-bandwidth connections).

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How to Navigate to a Panopto Assignment Folder and Record or Upload a Video to it

Students do not automatically have the ability to create and upload videos in Panopto, but instructors can give students this ability by creating an Assignment folder. Assignment folders can be accessed through Blackboard from the Panopto Tool Link (if one is provided by your instructor), or from the Panopto website itself.

To Access an Assignment Folder in Blackboard

Enter the Panopto Tool Link as described above. The Assignment Folder will appear in a box above the area where the available videos in the main folder are displayed:

locating a submission folder in the Blackboard Panopto tool link
Note: This folder may be named anything. Consult with your instructor if you are unable to locate the correct folder.


To Access an Assignment Folder in the Panopto Website

In order to add content to a Panopto Assignment Folder, you must first log into the Panopto server.  This is done automatically when you log into CourseWeb and access Panopto content from an existing course.  You may also log into the Panopto server directly using your Pitt username and password credentials.

The Panopto server login page is located at My Pitt Video.  Click on the Sign In button to continue and select Sign in from Pitt-CourseWeb.

signing into Panopto

If you are already signed in through CourseWeb, you will be taken directly to the Panopto Folder Administration screen, otherwise, sign in using your Pitt username and password:

Next, locate the Assignment folder for the course where you want to create your recording.  It should be in the left menu, under Folders.  If you need to download the Panopto Recorder, a link is provided near the top right-hand corner.  Documentation for using the Panopto Recorder is available on our Knowledge Base at Using the Panopto Recorder:

Locating assignment folder on Panopto website

Click on the Assignment folder where you want to create your recording(s) and then click on the blue Create button to choose the method you wish to use to create it:

Upload and creation options in Panopto

The first option, Record a new session, invokes the Panopto Recorder on your local computer to initiate a recording session.

The second option, Upload media, allows you to upload content that you have recorded outside of Panopto into the Assignment as a new Panopto session.

The third option, Webcast, gives you the ability to create a webcast.

The fourth option, Scheduled recording, allows you to record content on a predefined schedule using a remote recorder.

The fifth option, Build a session, allows you to combine content from multiple sources into a new recording.

The sixth option, New Folder, allows you to create a new session container (‘Folder’) in the system to store and administer Panopto recordings.

NOTE:  Panopto Assignment folders allow you to upload content that only you and your instructor can view.  If you need to upload content that other students can see, your instructor will need to create a specific folder for this purpose.

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